Commander Shepard

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EDI to Commander Shepard, from the game Mass Effect 3
Leadership is a grey territory. The delicate balance between being inspiring and intruding the subordinates as well as co-workers is often hard to find. Every employee comes from a different backdrop with a different set of experiences that shaped his notions of fairness and professionalism. A leader is vested with the responsibility to bring this kaleidoscopic set of values under one umbrella, to sprinkle some of his eccentricities and designs into this mixture and redefine the work culture to include the best of everything. A leader need not necessarily be a superior. He may be a co-worker or a person stationed below the traditional leadership chairs. He just needs to have the vision to recognize a problem when he sees it, and a self-assigned mission to deal with it at the very roots. There are no roadmaps to great leadership. There are mistakes and there are shortfalls. But what sets a leader apart in the potpourri of personalities trying to assert themselves in a common arena is his belief that he can – self efficacy. A leader trusts his own abilities to excel and places faith that he may be able to draw out commitment and a hunger to …show more content…

There is friction between the members some of whom have been enemies by birth, some who cannot handle each-others lifestyle choices or personalities and some who are just indifferent towards the achievement of the ultimate goal while their personal ones are at stake. In this role playing game, the commander has to earn the loyalty of each member and guide his team to victory. He has to understand the ability of each member and utilize them in the most effective way and this perhaps is the real job of a leader. To identify his own potential at discovering talent in

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