Commentary on Feet

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Analysis on Feet Feet is a prose talking about a little child looking at his sister’s death. The story is set in a post war period, when poverty and diseases are everywhere. We can know this by looking at the date written under the title, “September 1948”. The story happened in a working class family in Ireland. We can know that it is set in Ireland from the little sister’s name. From the sentence in line 7, “ Una. My younger sister, Una.” We know that her name is Una, which is an Irish name, so we can know that it is an Irish family. It is showed that the family is in working class by looking at the descriptions of the uncles’ work and the mother’s feet. In paragraph 4, it mentioned that the uncles are working in a building site as…show more content…
It appear in line 17, “Pain and pressure”, which are plosives and also appear in line 44, “cough-crying”, which are fricatives. The author uses quite a lot of sensory appeal in the third paragraph where the narrator is imagining things about the diseases’ names. They are mainly sounds and smells. There is a lexical choice of vocabulary in line 25, “IT had a fright and hiss in it”, this sentences has the word hiss which we usually uses to describe snakes. This shows that the disease is as danger as snakes. Imagery can be found in the prose too, in the last paragraph, line 48, “the autumn air darkening” using the image of autumn being the period when most living things die to describe the dying image. Last but not least, rhetorical questions can be found in the last paragraph. What ideas did the author expressed through the passage? Poverty is showed in the passage through the shoes of the characters, knowing how harsh the lives of the mother and the uncles have. However, the main idea of the passage is the child learning about the nature of death. We know that the child doesn’t know much about the disease nor death, having all those questions that have no answers. He has fear and is too sudden to him that he can hardly accept. He is far too young that limited his view point which is expressed by limiting the view point to only seeing feet when being under a table. “Feet” thoroughly showed how the little boy go through his
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