Common Core Standards Are A Beneficial Tool For Our Educational System

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Common Core, a taboo word for many parents and teachers. But some may disagree and say that Common Core Standards are a highly beneficial tool for our educational system. Through this essay I will discuss what I believe are some pros and cons of the Common Core Standards and why it is such a hot topic in our schools.
One benefit to Common Core Standards are that they are universally benchmarked. Meaning standards will be the same through each state. Before Common Core each state a different set of standards and assessments, making it hard to compare results on tests throughout the country. Having the same set of standards also allows that every student gets the same education and will be at the same benchmark once graduated to the next level. This allows students to move from town to town or even state without the loss of content knowledge.
The standards increases higher expectations in the classroom, thus better preparing students for college and the work force. I believe this is one of the best qualities about the Common Core Standards. It has been said that students are coming into college and starting careers less prepared. The standards force students to have a higher level of critical thinking skills and which creates better problem solving students.

Assessments for the standards allows teachers to monitor their student 's progress throughout the year. Through theses tests teachers can find our what a student knows, where they are currently at, and how to

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