Common Stereotypes and Their Impact

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Introduction A stereotype is in basic terms the generalization of certain groups of people based on either widely-held assumptions or characteristics/behaviors of small samples of the said groups. In this text, I identify three stereotypes I encounter in my daily life and the effect such stereotypes have on other people. The arguments that could be used to either support or discredit the said stereotypes will also be highlighted. Stereotypes Common Stereotypes and their Impact We all encounter numerous stereotypes in our daily lives. Some of the most common stereotypes I have personally encountered in the past include; Islam promotes terrorism, lesbians and gay men are mentally unstable, and women aren't as smart/intelligent as men. It is important to note from the onset that stereotypes have a negative impact upon those that they are directed to. For instance, there is always a risk that those who are subject to stereotyping could internalize the said stereotypes and thus end up hurting their self-esteem (Wilcox, 2011). For instance, when a girl child is constantly exposed to claims that men are smarter than women, such a child could end up internalizing the claim (regardless of its faulty nature) to the extent that it ends up having a negative effect on her academic performance and/or professional performance later on in life. A lady who is exposed to stereotypes that attractive ladies should be thin could embrace self-destructive behaviors such as extreme "fasting"
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