Common Strategies Of Explaining Human Behavior

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Common strategies of NLP

The idea of NLP is heavily based on the ideas of strategy, as it sees your internal and external behaviour uses processing strategies for each behaviour and response. The system uses different ideas of strategies as part of explaining human behaviour, as well as a way to change it.

The most common strategies of NLP are dealt in short-detail below. There are further strategies used and some of the strategies and the way they are applied depend on the context of use.


The basis of the NLP theory was built around modelling. Modelling is considered as a means of finding out about a person’s belief system, as well as physiology. It is also used in terms of understanding the person’s mental strategies, which in turn influence the other two aspects of thinking and behaviour.

Modelling essentially tried to find the strategies or mental behaviour patterns the person uses for doing things. An example of modelling could be about how a person learns a new skill. In order to learn to speak Spanish, the person would need to model three things. First, to learn the vocabulary. This simply means understanding that gato means cat, for instance.

Then the person would need to learn syntax. This means the ability to put these words together in order to make a sentence. For example, the ability to say “Me llamo John”, “My name is John”. Finally, the third part of modelling would be about understanding the mouth movements. Different languages have a

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