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As part of my HNC Social Care I have been asked to complete an extended reflective account about an incident/ pattern of behaviour at my placement for the subject understanding and supporting behaviour. This assessment has to be handed in on the 21st of May 2013. Due to the confidentiality of the young people at Rathbone and the Data Protection Act 1998 I will refer to the particular young person who is involved in the incident as Jack.

At Rathbone which is my placement there are various incidents of challenging behaviour that occur on a daily basis. One particular pattern of behaviour which is displayed by Jack is refusing to participate in group sessions, for Jack this occurs on a daily basis. If he can’t be bothered or doesn’t
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His care package was also reduced to part time due to the impact his behaviour was having on other young people who attend Rathbone, this is a major change in his life as he was in a routine of attending Rathbone on daily basis from nine o’clock until half past three but as his care package was cut he is now only attending mornings which is from nine until half 12.

When this behaviour occurs a staff member tries to encourage Jack to continue with his school work, if the behaviour persists staff are forced to remove him from the situation in order for the rest of the group to continue with the session without any further distractions. During the challenging behaviour staff try and use techniques such as calming down the situation by explaining the activity in a different way, distraction techniques such as changing the subject or possibly ignoring Jack as sometimes this method works as he gets bored and continues with his work. If the behaviour can’t be prevented Jack will be asked to go to another room and a staff member will go with him and talk to him using a counselling technique and effective communication, asking him questions such as what the problem is, if he is feeling ok and how he feel the problem may be resolved. If Jack persists to refuse to take part staff members will give him the option of other class work he could do and if this doesn’t put a stop to the behaviour or if he displays aggressive behaviours Jack will then be

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