Communicable Disease Is A Cold Disease

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Communicable Disease Tuberculosis
Karen Fernandez
April 7, 2013
Monica Vargas

Communicable Disease

Communicable disease is a cold disease that spreads from one person to another. This disease can expose from someone or from something. These diseases are contagious and communicable. Communicable disease is also known as infectious transmittable contaminated diseases that grow from minimal infections to severe infections. Anyone can get contaminated with communicable disease with body fluids and contacts, with airborne and transmission from one person to another in many ways. There are many communicable diseases and they vary from hepatitis A, B, and C, a common cold, HIV, pertussis, STD, tuberculosis and many more
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A PPD test is an injection that the medical professional place on the patient forearms. Within two days the patient is required to return to the medical facility to get their PPD read, when the PPD is read and the injected forearm is bruised and red, then that means that the patient is positive with tuberculosis. If the testing is negative it does not necessarily mean that the person is free form tuberculosis. Many people who have been infected with tuberculosis may experience a false negative result. A false negative result can be the cause if there are medical conditions like cancer, chemotherapy and HIV. However many people can also have a false negative result because of their immune system and also poor nutrition and chemotherapy. When a person has a positive result of tuberculosis, the medical provider will perform chest x-rays, if the chest x-rays are negative then the patient does not require medical attention and treatment. If the chest x-rays are positive then the patient need medications. These medications will treat the lungs and the human body, once the treatment process is finished, then the patient is required to receive a new chest x-ray. When this new chest x-ray result comes back negative, then the patient tis free from tuberculosis and infection other people.
Environmental factors related to tuberculosis include), more than 9 million new cases of TB are diagnosed annually, 55% of them in Asia and 31% in Africa, placing

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