Communicable Diseases

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When security threats are discussed, most people reflect on zealots with some sort of weaponry causing mass destruction and death. Not often is there a consideration of the dangerous threat to the health security of a nation. Imagine an undetected contagious microorganism traveling over oceans, crossing international borders, to instigate an outbreak of epic proportions. Unlike conventional defenses at borders that are established to deter menaces, the incubating disease may not be determined a threat until it is beyond the localized area, and destined to become an international hazard. There have been countless examples in the modern world where viruses have crossed borders and caused illnesses. Although this may seem not as threatening …show more content…

Not only did the WHO discuss the speed and volume of people travelling, especially by air, of the panic-causing viruses causing, for example, Ebola, there are other panic-causing dispersions, such as information through explosive means, such as social media. Although the electronic spread of disastrous news can cause mass hysteria, the small bright light from this is the possibility of knowing about an outbreak so that it can, hopefully, be caught by public agencies and hopefully stop the spread closer to the source. Description of the Outbreak Although the multistate outbreak that occurred in the US was at a sporting event in Pennsylvania in 2007, the transmission of the virus started with a child from Japan. The twelve-year-old young man was in contact with 1, 250 people of the 265, 000 people that attended the event over ten days. Of those people, there were seven people epidemiologically linked to this young boy. Approximately two and one half days after traveling, the boy had an onset of a maculopapular rash and fever. Measles were suspected now; and the boy was put in isolation. It was confirmed measles by a blood test. The Japanese boy had complained of feeling unwell one day prior to flying on August 13th, 2007 from his country to Detroit, the entry point to the country, where he passed through customs. The Japanese and Chinese-Taipei teams then flew from Detroit to Baltimore, then

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