Communicating With Children That Have An Autism Spectrum Diagnosis

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Stephanie Fletcher
January 25, 2017
COM 1101
Rough Draft- Communicating with Children That Have an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis This is a very important topic for me because I have a child who is believed to be on the spectrum somewhere. We are not sure exactly where because we are still waiting to have all the testing completed, but I still have to communicate with him everyday. I will also use this information in my career as I would like to work in a pediatric setting. To better understand the children with this diagnosis I believe that first having an understanding of what the autism spectrum is. Once you understand the disorder you can try to better understand how the children feel and how to better communicate with them. The …show more content…

High functioning children can speak but may have difficulties with their speech. Autism Spectrum Behaviors and How to Cope With Them
Families are affected by the difficulty in trying to decipher what each behavior means and the message that their child is trying to convey. I know for my son when he starts to hit his fists against his head it is because he is frustrated about something that he can’t figure out. When he throws things or starts to break things it is because somebody did or said something that made him angry and he doesn 't know how to properly express his anger. I find that trying to intercept triggers that will make him have an adverse reaction is the best thing to do. However this is not always possible as you can’t foresee everything that is going to happen so you just have to be ready to adapt to any situation that arises.
The behaviors that can be seen in autistic children can vary dependent upon the severity of your child 's symptoms and what their level of functioning is.
First you must have an idea of where your child is coming from in order to understand their behavior and try to help them over come it. This means attempting to put yourself in your child 's position and see what they do and try to feel what they are feeling. How to Communicate with a Child in the Spectrum
From personal experience I know that when a child struggles with their speech due to having a speech

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