Developmental History Case Study Essay

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Part of life-span development research involves analyzing major concepts distinct features and developmental changes associated with everything from gender identification to changes in moral and emotional development. This paper will discuss the risks and developmental complications associated with each section of the development history and how deficits in each area may result or evolve into specific disorders and medical diseases later in development. Also, examination of long-term consequences associated with disorders and illnesses that develop and the relationship between the researchers findings and the developmental history case. Lastly, potential issues for the child based the responses received will be discussed. Risks and …show more content…

Santrock (2010) gives the advice for parents stating “ recognize that the quality of your parenting is a key factor in your child’s development…..parents should observe for themselves whether their children seen to be having behavior problems”. (p.372) Evolution of Disorders and Diseases It seems that there has been a rise in specific disorders and medical diseases within the last 20 years. A record number of autism and ADD/ADHD diagnoses have been reported through medical journals and public journals. Wing (1999) states that there are a reported 1 in 150 cases of autism reported each year. ADD/ADHD diagnoses are on the rise as well. While it is possible that these types of disorders are just now beginning to be diagnosed instead of mis-diagnosed, there is another possibility. Kazan (2010) hypothesizes that “the pressures of human evolution could explain the apparent rise of disorders such as autoimmune disease and autism”. An interesting fact arose out of the same article as it relates to the how and why diseases and disorders evolve. As humans, scientists relate that” natural selection favors reproduction over health, biology evolves more slowly than culture, and pathogens evolve more quickly than humans” (Kazan, 2010). This will also account for the long-term consequences associated with disorders and illnesses that

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