Communication Between Cultures And Its Impact On Society

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Communication between cultures is heavily impacted by the perceptual sets that individuals have when they are first introduced to other. Although not always openly admitted or even consciously known, stereotypes can impact the way that people view one another. Stereotypes are not always negative in connotation, and can even help people deal with a very complex and dynamic world. However, just like the world is complex and dynamic, so are individuals within a culture. Overgeneralized stereotypes as well as blanket labels can never accurately define a person. It is necessary to look at not only cultural norms from different cultures, but learn about individuals themselves in order to effectively communicate between people of all places.
Each of the intercultural misunderstandings invoked a different depending on the whether or not the cultural significance had genetic backing or not. Through learning from my history classes and prior knowledge of cultures as well as innate abilities, it is obvious that differing meanings would arise from making certain gestures. We are not born with the attached meaning behind finger gestures at birth, but instead they are learned over from societies. The many combinations of gestures that can be made with your hands along with the many meanings would most likely vary greatly across cultures that are not close in proximity. However, the misunderstandings which surprised me the most were the ones that I would believe to have some sort of
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