Communication Between Patient And Care Giver

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Within this one episode you see multiple different lines of communication between patient and care giver. When analyzing each of the aspects of communication you see the good and the bad that these caregivers did when talking to their patients. Being able to develop good communication skills is an important concept of pharmacy. As a pharmacist you should have boundaries though know when the boundaries you have should be taken down. Watching this episode you can see that Turk and J.D. have a difference of opinions when dealing with their patients. J.D. is really empathetic when it comes to dealing with his patient Mrs. Tanner, however, Turk takes more closed off approach and refers to them by their medical condition and only pays attention to the charts in his hand. Both of these approaches are a bit too much. When communicating with patients you should be able to have a happy medium between professional and empathetic. Turk has the idea that he should not get to know his patients because if he does it could end up hurting him if something were to happen to that patient. He would be to emotionally involved in the life of that patient. By closing himself off it makes him feel that he is more professional and will help to serve the patient better. Though, J.D. believes that by knowing the patient better they will be more open and give him more of the information that he needs to treat them. The two caregivers help each other to better understand ways of communicating by
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