Communication Problems Within The Workplace Essay

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can we overcome obstacles to diversity such as mistrust and tension, stereotyping, and communication problems in the workplace? Mistrust and tension usually result from lack of contact and lack of familiarity. These can be overcome, to a large degree, by bringing individuals together in both formal and informal settings so they learn to better understand and appreciate members of other groups. Formal training, de- signed to identify the causes of mistrust and tension, can also help in this process. Stereotyping is the perception of others based our own interests, values, and cultures that distort and block what we see and hear. Formal training ,through the use of descriptive examples, can be effective in helping individuals identify the root causes of their stereotyping. In order to be able to change, people must first understand what it is that distorts their perspectives. Communication problems exist within all racial and cultural groups. Even among white males of the same age and background, there are opportunities for misunderstandings and confusion. The potential for errors and inefficiencies increases when the communications are between people with very different backgrounds, attitudes, expectations, etc., and the situation is potentially dis- Astros when one or more parties is not fluent in another 's language. Language training (in whatever language is used in the

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