Communication Service Center As A Human Resource Services Center Advisor Essay

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I am currently employed with Hurley Medical Center as a Human Resource Service Center Advisor. In my current position, I service our employees and all areas that are related to human resources such as health benefits, leave of absences, tuition reimbursement, status changes and benefit days. I also service our retirement community with their health benefits. I love what I do and I love my employer. I am at Northwood University to obtain what I started over 32 years ago, a college degree. My main goal right now is to graduate in December of 2017 with a degree in Business Management. After graduation, I plan on looking for a better paying position with my current employer.
I chose FedEx, formerly Federal Express, as the company that I will be reporting on this semester. FedEx’s presence in my text books is quite frequent as an example of entrepreneurship and I hope to learn more about the business brain of Frederick Smith, the founder, chairman, president and CEO FedEx. I have several family members employed by FedEx and I have always been impressed on how they treat their employees even though they are not unionized. As a global enterprise, FedEx embraces and reflects the diversity of the communities they serve. Their culture fosters an environment where a person 's performance matters. FedEx is consistently recognized for its progressive and innovative policies, programs, benefits, and stimulating working environment.
Purpose and Scope:
1. In how many

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