Communication Theory And Family Therapy Essay

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Reflection: Communications Theory and Family Therapy
Identifying the Family Intervention
Communications Theory is a therapeutic modality that can be used as an intervention in family therapy settings. Developed by the well-respected family therapist, Virginia Satir, the concepts and techniques behind Communications Theory have earned much respect amongst therapists worldwide. Satir focused on the importance of establishing and maintaining clear channels of communication to improve the lives of families who struggle with myriad challenges. She believed that families needed to be given ways to see hope more clearly. She also professed that the presenting problems may not be as important as the way in which people cope with the problems. More clearly, her focus was more on helping people gain hope through better communications skills which lead to more effective coping mechanisms (…).
Some of the major concepts behind Communications Theory are clarified in the following five categories: Blaming, placating, computing, distracting and leveling. Satir developed these categories to better understand the dynamics behind a variety of behavioral styles that can be observable amongst family members. Blamer behavior finds fault and has trouble accepting responsibility. This person is usually blaming someone or something else. The blamer hides a feeling of alienation and loneliness behind a tough and complacent mask and is more likely to initiate conflict. On the other hand,

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