communications and positive relationships Essay

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Communication and Positive Relationships Module 1 Activities Q1.1 Why is it important that you are able to communicate effectively with people in your job role? Good communication is very important when working with children, young people, their families and carers. By being able to communicate effectively I am making sure that I am understood and understanding too. People, especially children respond well to positive communication, and by being able to communicate effectively with children I …show more content…

I will speak to the child, coming down to his level, and in a clear voice making sure he has understood the activity. I will use visual aids about the activity, pictures about going on holiday etc, making sure the child is comfortable with the role play. I will ensure all other children taking part in the role play speak in a loud clear voice, and that the child is sat in a place where he will be able to communicate with the others effectively. I will ensure the child is not getting distressed throughout the activity by staying close to the child and asking him at intervals ensuring that he is comfortable. Q1.3 You are concerned about the behaviour of one of the children with whom you are involved. You believe that this is due to learning development problems, and suspect this may be due to underlying medical issues. Explain how you would ensure that effective communication is maintained when discussing these issues with the child’s parent, the assigned teacher and other external professionals. When discussing these issues with the child’s parent I will make sure I am kind and considerate. I will ensure that the parents’ know that they are involved in all decisions affecting their child’s education and learning. I will be

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