Integrated Systemic Family Therapy Essay

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Narrative Therapy An Integrated Outcome?


Systemic therapy was based on Minuchin’s Structural Therapy model (1968) followed by Bateson's cybernetic model (1972) The first order cybernetic model considerd that problems within a family system should be focused on by strategically solving problems, meeting family goals and help change a person's dysfunctional behaviour. D Shazer (1985). These concepts in Systemic therapy were known as the major paradigms and were taught by therapists such as Minuchin in Milan until the information-processing systems were introduced. They were characterized by the therapist's observation of the system from the external social world. Minuchin S & Fisherman,HC (1981)
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White, (1997, p.15-16).Michael White terms this as "doubly listening" White, (2004, p. 53). Through exploration and the discovery of alternative stories in Client's lives creates a new dimension for the client, they can begin to see new possibilities and positive ways of re-constructing their lives in relation to the problem that they have. McNamee S & Gergan KJ eds (1994).
‘The person is not the problem, the problem is the problem is a widely known paradigm among systemic therapists and seeks to separate the person from the problem quite adequately. This in effect allows the Client an opportunity to see himself/herself differently without being labeled or blamed for the problem. The problem is then ‘externalized by the Therapist who through an abstract process will aim to treat the problem as an entity external to the client and will also give the problem a name. White & Epston (1990)
For example, in relation to a child’s ‘unwanted behavior’ it is discussed between the Client/family and Therapist in terms of the unwanted behavior existing ‘outside’ of the Client and his family, and is inevitably ‘trying to influence’ the child i.e. by causing say anger and aggression to occur and manifest itself in the child’s behaviour.Morgan A (2000)

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