Communication Theory Model

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Communication Theory Model According to the communication theory, Satir believes that unhealthy relationships between family members result from a distinctive pattern of communication with troubled families, in addition to the correlation between self-esteem and communication. Communication patterns display what is going on in the relationships in the family. If there is conflicted communication between members, it can be observed in a high level of disagreements. According to Satir, (1988), “ As I began to understand these patterns more fully, I saw that self-esteem became easily hooked when one had not developed a solid, appreciative sense of self-worth” (p.80). The four patterns of communications are “placated, blame, compute, and…show more content…
However, the relationships between Mary and her niece and nephew are good which make her feel happy sometimes.
Family Life Cycle Stage

There are six stages of the family life cycle. They are: single adult, new couple, couple with children, couple with teenager, launching children, and family in later life. The family life cycle is impacted by social changes. Some changes are positive and some are negative. It is hard for some members to achieve tasks in a new stage of family transitions. There are some negative elements that have an effect to pass through these stages such as financial problems, stress, and illness. When the problem appeared in Mary’s family, the transitions associated with the family life cycle stages where the communication between siblings is not strong. Her siblings treated their sister in a disrespectful way because they saw how their parents treated her. Also, decreased flexibility between siblings reflected weak communication. Mary’s siblings do not deal with conflict well. They also, do not care about each other if one of them needs support. Her siblings do not care about developing intimate relationships between each other following a conflict. The other transitions appeared in Mary’s family are her siblings are not tolerant of different opinion. In addition, big transitions happened in Mary’s family and the relationships are not strong between siblings. Another
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