Communication in 12 Angry Men Essay

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12 Angry Men
When placed in a group with different personalities, you have to find a way to work and communicate effectively as a team; of course you’ll find yourself stuck at times because of certain barriers such as the lack of communication between members. However, group members have to find the ability to work together as a team. In the film “12 Angry Men,” we see a group of jurors who have to decide whether the defendant has committed the crime or is presumed innocent throughout a capital murder trial. As the audience, we witness how challenging it was for the jury to deliberate on a verdict and come to a true consensus because of the different personality role, and negotiation strategies. Specifically, I found six jurors …show more content…

In addition, he played the role of coordinator by getting things started by passing out papers to write down their votes. He also counted the votes and kept record of how many and who voted guilty or not guilty.
The two Jury members whose informal role falls under information giver would be Juror 3 and Juror 4. They both offer their ideas and beliefs to the other gentlemen. Juror 3, the business owner of a messenger company, is positive the boy is guilty and should get the death penalty. He states his opinion about the boy over and over on how “he should pay for his crime.” Juror three states his ideas firmly that the boy is guilty. Through the role of fighter-controller he expressed his rage to let the others know that he would not change his mind. When his motives are questioned by the other members, juror three gets angry and gets this look on his face as if smoke is coming out his eyes. At one point, juror three tries to get physical with juror eight. Juror three also falls under the devil’s advocate, for he tries to challenge everybody’s viewpoints. For example, when juror five gets up to show everyone how a knife is really used in the street, juror three gets up to check it out for himself. “When we find ourselves playing roles in different groups that contradict each other, we experience role conflict. Usually we are forced to make a choice between the two” J.Dan

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