Communication of Values and Ethics in Strategic Organizational Communication

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Starbucks organizational structure has been rearranged to better accommodate customer satisfaction. Schultz, CEO of Starbucks announced the expansion of their matrix organization structure. They will operate under four U.S. divisions: Western/Pacific, Southeast/Plains, Northeast/Atlantic and Northwest/Mountain (Schultz, 2008). There are some major advantages for this kind of organizational structure which include maximized communication channels. Once the appropriate adjustments are made, Schultz believes that Starbucks will be able to develop products specifically to market appeal. The continual support in the Starbucks organizational structure support functions operating being their own department and supporting shared visions and goals…show more content…
Public relations are exceptional with the Starbucks Coffee Company. They have several outlets in communicating to them any questions or concerns and a hotline phone number to be contacted. The company responds within 24 hours most times and they answer all comments no matter how small or large and resolves conflicts as quickly as possible. Starbucks Mission: Our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time. References: Ball, D., McCulloch Jr., W., Geringer, J., Minor, M., & McNett, J. (2005) (11th ed.) International Business: The Challenge of Global Competition. McGraw-Hill. The Express Online. (n.d.) Corporate Report: Unilever goes all out in Tanzania. Retrieved August 18, 2012, from Japan External Trade Organization. (2006). Starbucks' green tea success with Japanese consumers leads to worldwide popularity. Retrieved August 19, 2012, from Shultz, H. (2008) Starbucks makes organizational changes to enhance customer experience. Retrieved August 18, 2008, from, Starbucks. (2008) Starbucks Coffee International. Retrieved August 19, 2012, from
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