Communism As A Utopian Society

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One big truth I have discovered it that throughout history, nations fear what they thought to be communism, mainly the USA, but know little or anything about Marx/Marxism and his terms of a communist society. It is futile and ignorant to turn a blind eye and wish that communism will somehow fade away. Nor is it reasonable to equate communism to a very authoritarian, undemocratic, and inhumane, such as the one under Stalin’s rule.Rather we must understand its strength, its danger, and what Marx, who is considered the father of communism, considered a utopian society to be.

Firstly, we must must understand the ideals that of Marx/Marxism. Karl Marx and Friedman Engels stated the view that the history of human social development is nothing less than the history of conflicts between the haves and haves not. Simply put, property and power go hand in hand. Whatever class owns and controls the class is the ruling class (bourgeois); no class can relinquish this power or property without a struggle/revolution. Therefore issue throughout history has always been about property: who owns it and the refusal of those who own it to relinquish it without a life and death struggle. Marx proposed the following: human society develops along certain lines, progressing in a predetermined direction; it moves one way and never goes back, never regressing back to a previously attained state. The law of social development existed and was economic in nature, dealing with who owns the means of…

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