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| Communities in Chicago | | By: Mike Miller | 12/7/2012 |

Mike Miller
History 111
David Johnson
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Chicago has a history steeped in growth of infrastructure, devastating natural disasters, and everything in between. It first was settled in the late 1700’s and has been growing exponentially ever since. It’s a city of commerce and opportunity for many incoming immigrants and settlers to start a fresh life. This place became one of the most desirable cities in America to live and became the new home for many people from the south, including African Americans. Many European immigrants also tagged along with these black people coming from the southern states and made Chicago very culturally diverse over time.
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Negro residents were often molested by whites and some whites ended up even putting warning signs in the neighborhoods with pictures of skulls, crossbones, and coffins. It was a long process for many urban whites, European immigrants, and blacks to coexist. However, it was such a unique situation that Chicago had never seen before, thus making this city one of the most fascinating and diverse group of cultures in America. The state of Illinois has had some of the most recognized and respected Democratic politicians in American history. In 1955, Richard J. Daley became mayor until his death in 1976. According to author Adam Cohen, he was the most powerful local politician America has ever produced. Under his reign, the city’s black population was reaching record levels, as trainloads of blacks fled their hard lives in the rural south for the promise of a better life in northern cities. It was pretty clear that Chicago under Daley became America’s major northern rights battleground. At the time of Daley’s inauguration in 1955, Chicago was spiraling downward. According to Cohen, Chicago’s 1950 population of 3,620,962 turned out to be the high-water mark meaning the city would steadily lose inhabitants. Chicago was losing not only people, but jobs, to the rapidly growing Cook County suburbs. Before Daley’s time as mayor, the city lost 53,209 manufacturing jobs, while the rest of the country
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