Community As A Social Environment

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Community as an Actor in Public Health In recent times, the nature of the community has been distorted and this caused a variety of social problems emerge in the society. Industrialization, urbanization, migration and individualistic thinking have played a major role in disorganizing community sense in people. In urban society, the basic features of the community have been displaced by the values of individualism, egocentrism, materialism and capitalism, which gave rise of an anomaly, anonymity, and non-cooperative spirits. This hinders the ability of local people to cope with various challenges likewise as security, employment, housing, sanitation, access to services and resources, foods and health-related needs. The Community as a …show more content…

People can prevent other people only by having close social ties and mutual sharing of ideas and practice. This is a great need of the healthy community. The idea of involving the community in public health approach is very essential. Local people must involve in health-related programs not merely as the recipient but as an active part of that programs or schemes. This could only possible once people are organized, think, and act as a whole. Involvement of people in health programs must be promoted by health care agencies and other local governance agencies. Local people can be facilitated as an agent in organizing and providing services to target population. The energy and resources of local people can be channelized and used in establishing effective service delivery network that will support and improve the functioning of public health agencies. In terms of community health, local feedbacks define disease causation and treatment. Causes and cures entail physical, social and economic risks and tools that increase or decrease agency. Health is a product of exposure and risk, as well as interpersonal processes including engagement, communication, transactions and negotiation which intermingle and mediate biomedical and socio-political influences (Kleinman and Kleinman 1997). Community-Based Action in Public Health Community-driven efforts need local organizations and groups in action. In public health, local organizations and Non-Government

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