Rural Americans Are Shaped By Geography And Tradition

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Rural health professionals represent a diverse set of individuals seeking to meet the main goals of public health. Their desire to promote health and prevent disease is blocked by many barriers, due to the geographical position of their target population; yet they still persevere to serve their specified communities. Approximately twenty percent of America is rural, and rural counties are more likely to report fair to poor health. This particular population cannot be compared to its urban counterparts due the sheer amount of obstacles health care providers and patients face. Rural Americans are shaped by geography and tradition which creates a combination of factors that create disparities. These disparities include, “Economic factors, …show more content…

The city known for its lucrative peach production reminded her of home, and serves a special role in the history of Georgia, considering it was the last county formed in the state. With an approximate population of 27,695 local residents, Mrs. Ashley serves two cities in the region which include Fort Valley and Byron. This province is home to Fort Valley State University, a member of the University System of Georgia, and other landmark business such as Lanes Packing House. Throughout her 20 plus years in the healthcare field she has become extremely familiar with the needs of the community and is passionate about her work.
The earliest activity of public health focused on state and local health department practices. Charles Chapin developed a survey that analyzed the impact of the state health departments on local ones. The result of this study indicated the impact was poor. From this study, he formed preventative services and rated state agencies on their effectiveness in carrying out these services. Local Health Departments are where the ‘rubber meets the road.’ These agencies are established to carry out the critical public health responsibilities embodied in state laws and local ordinances and to meet other needs and expectations of their communities. With these establishments playing such a pivotal role in the public health realm it is necessary that administrator’s like Mrs. Ashley are working towards rural health

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