Community Colleges Should Be Free Essay

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Did you know that 42 million people combined owe 1.3 trillion dollars in student loans? That is an enormous amount of money that will take years to pay off for most people. In the 2012 - 2013 school year, 10 millions students took out loans to pay for college because they could not pay for it. Also only ½ of low income kids attend college because they do not know how they will pay for it. These problem would be resolved it only America had free college. Tuition for community colleges should be free for the first two years. First, free college would be better for more of the struggling families in the U.S. About 60% of graduated college students have student loan costs that are close to 60% of the income of their job. If the student loans…show more content…
1/10 of college student end up with over $40,000 in debt, and a few have even $100,000. As said before, $1.3 trillion in student loans is owned by 42 million Americans. This shows just how much money is really being taken out in student loans, and depending on the annual income of the families, they could take years to pay back. Many people would also have cut spending from many other areas of their life. To make matters worse lots of people are not even making any headway on their loans because they do not have a big enough budget or make enough money, as shown in studies from December 31, 2016, $137 billion in student debt have not had a payment made on them in over 270 days. Free college for even the first two years would help lower the amount of loans a student would have when they graduate.
Many people say that college will never really be free because the cost will just raise taxes for other people. The average tuition cost for a college is $10,000, plus room and board, plus school supplies, plus all the expensive books. These kids would have to pay for all of that with no help from other, but with free college they could maybe share the cost with others and it would be much cheaper for everyone. Free college would fix this problem and help more people be able to pay for
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