Essay on Community Health Strategies

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Community Health Strategies Paper

Access to Quality Health Care Access to quality health care is so vitally important in not only eliminating, but decreasing the prevalence of health problems and fatalities. By providing health care for all types of people, there will in turn be an increase in the years of life and quality for individuals involved. Healthy people 2010 strives to make health care accessible to all Americans no matter what their insurance, background or situation. The public health systems work to education the under-served populations and prevent further health damages. The public health system ensures there is funding for free and reduced price clinics. Currently I reside with my family in Anchorage Alaska. …show more content…

It is very important to show a nurturing attitude towards the community. Caring helps the curing process. By showing that one cares, he or she shows that they are genuinely concerned with the well being of the that individual or that community. Distribution of space available to live in can also be an important barrier to avoid when necessary. While there are many food pantries and public services available, many people are unaware of these. The services may include and are not limited to the food pantries, day care assistance, public housing, energy bill assistance and general welfare funds. These should be made known publicly to the community. Educational opportunities can be found throughout the community along with many scholarship and grant opportunities available to those who are in need. The transmission of beliefs is made through different religious and education settings. The city is scattered with different denominations. Rules and standards are enforced through the local government. Health care standards are enforced through the local health care bureau. As Watsons theory suggests, education is often one of the best ways of getting through to the public.
Possible community health nursing interventions and teaching strategies using Watson’s By providing all Americans with access to the health

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