Community Oriented Programs That Bring The Police And Corrections Together Essay

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Community oriented programs that bring the police and corrections together are some of the most significant programs within the criminal justice system. They play a significant role in crime prevention and build community relationships with the police. Our program is called “Drug Alternatives for Adolescents (DAA)”; it is a community oriented program that focuses on drug use in adolescents within the Poughkeepsie school district. DAA works closely with the police as well as the community to keep drugs off the streets and out of the reach of our children. The heart of the program comes from the slogan; “Drug education is the foundation for cooperation; working together, learning together, BETTER together.” We chose this to be our slogan because our program revolves around drug education, and keeping adolescents away from drugs. The program wants to make juveniles comfortable enough to cooperate with the police in the district where they reside as well as feel a sense of safety within their communities. “Working together, learning together, BETTER together” really expresses what our program is all about. We want our program to get students, teachers, and police working closely to make the entire community a better place for everybody. Drugs tend to be prominent in less fortunate communities being that it is cheap and accessible. Drugs are easily accessible, especially in lower class communities. . A study found that, “In 2013, an estimated 4.5 million adults aged 18 or older

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