Community Outreach Programs For Adult And Senior Members Of The Community

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II. To develop and advance existing and new community outreach programs which benefit the Huntington community. Community outreach programs aim to assist communities in their efforts to resolve their most important healthcare problems. The goal is to enable communities to "save the most lives and prevent the most suffering" through an integrated, collaborative, and sustainable approach to primary prevention, health promotion and transformational development. Using the logic model outlined within the “Ten Essential Services Guidelines” to implementing public health programs for community change and improvement we will pursue development of the following outreach programs to address the three previously identified health related deficiencies in Cabell County.5 The initial community educational activities to be developed include:
Community Health Screenings for Adults and Seniors
The purpose of this effort will be to improve access to health screening services for adult and senior members of the community by working with other area organizations to provide local health screening opportunities to help community residents determine personal health issues. Students from medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy, public health, and nursing will provided free or at a low cost screenings for heart disease (blood pressure, pulse, and cholesterol), diabetes (blood sugar testing), and obesity (body mass index calculation).
Drug and Substance Abuse Issues
(i.) Medicine cabinet cleanout

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