Community Policing Is A Fast Growing Necessity For The Future

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Community Policing
Although policing has been around for many decades, law enforcement roles have not changed too significantly. Media, such as television shows and movies, portray law enforcement officers as fearless crime fighters who are in daily high speed chases and shoot outs. While these crimes may be possible, it is not likely on a daily basis. So, just what do police officers respond too then? They deal with many various types of service calls each month and year including little disruptions and civil arguments or disputes. Police officers today need to be in different places for all different types of complaints and issues. Because many agencies do not have the capability or manpower for the growing need, community policing is a fast growing necessity for these agencies. This paper will discuss where community policing originated from, how it effects law enforcement today, and some of the ways we can expand the concept of community policing to benefit everyone for the future.
Community policing in America is traced from the colonial times to the 1900s. American policing activities began in early England sometime around the time of the Norman Conquest in 1066. Chancellors settled disputes between neighbors, such as property boundary issues, trespass allegations, and child misconduct. A similar version of the chancellor, with similar duties and responsibilities, was the justice of the peace, dating to about A.D. 1200. Together with the chancellors (also
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