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Context My placement for Community Service -Learning is within a local Waterloo public school. It is located just outside the university area of Waterloo and is part of the Waterloo Region District School Board. This public school has approximately one-hundred and eighty students enrolled in Junior Kindergarten to grade six. This institution is about student achievement and well being. This school values academic standards and the growth of discipline along with creativity. Students develop a skill-set that prepares them to attend a secondary and then post-secondary path of study. Public school gives a student a foundation for learning and social involvement within the larger community. Students from JK to grade 6 attend school five days a week excluding weekends. The …show more content…

These are important grades as student begin to separate from kindergartener behaviour. Constant play time has been replaced with learning activities. Students are expected to read, write and sometimes learn independently with only little guidance from the teacher. Basic skills such as language development, speaking, writing and reading comprehension start to establish in grades one and two. Children in the elementary schools are still growing both psychically and intellectually which is why character development created by the education system and the teacher is of great importance. I spend two hours every week with the same grade 1/2 class. I volunteer from the time they first arrive at 9:20am to their first nutrition break at 11:20am. I particularly enjoy this time because I get to see the students when they start their day. If anything in their temperament changes within the first two hours, I can reflect on what caused this change in behaviour or attitude. The morning half of the school day is usually where their more structured learning takes place. I am in the classroom for help with reading and writing exercises along with mathematics and

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