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Company background and History Johnson Controls, is my current company and they acquired us (Detcon) towards the end of 2016. Before Johnson Controls, we were part of Tyco Inc. which acquired us at the end of 2015. Detcon was found by brothers, Dan and James Alpha in 1983 in their garage. In 1985, they started their commercial sales and it took off from there. Until 2011, Detcon only manufactured fixed gas monitors. In 2011, the company acquired two additional gas detection companies, GMI and Oldham. After the acquisition, we sold and repaired a variety of equipment that included portable gas detection (GMI), fixed gas detection (Oldham and Detcon). At this time, our brand began to grow with the ability to sell to more companies in more …show more content…

All of this in turn actually costs the company so much money and makes us look bad to the customers and the shareholders. Within my department (Service Center) we do the repairs on returned/faulty equipment. There are multiple stages to complete the repairs. The first stage is to Estimate the equipment; this is supposed to be done within 5 business days of receiving the equipment. From the estimate stage, it goes to either waiting for parts (warranty repairs) or pending approval (customer needs to pay for the repairs). Once the customers pay for the equipment, we will then order the parts required to repair their equipment. After the parts have been received, it then goes to work in process; we are supposed to get this completed in 7 business days. With all of these time restraints, it makes it hard to actually complete everything with the amount of equipment that is sent in. With this, it causes our processes to be broken and ignored. We are being told to get the work done in the time-frame even if it is not exact standards. When this happens, it causes problems with the equipment that is being sent back to customers which is supposed to be fixed correctly.
Quality of Culture
When I first started with Detcon in May 2014, the culture that existed is far different than what it has morphed into now. Before the merger with both Tyco and Johnson Controls, Detcon was considered to be a good family environment. The

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