Company Parking Lot For Digital Evidence

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1. Can you (or Mr. Yourprop’s supervisor) search Yourprop’s personal vehicle currently parked in the Company parking lot for digital evidence? Support your answer. In the case presented. Lets assume that Makestuff Company has a policy in place, for searching personal properties, while on the company’s ground. In that case, a search of Mr.Yourporop’s vehicle is permissible by law. Even if he were to refuse, the company has the authority to call the law enforcement officers, who would then handle the situation. The company reserves the right to conduct searches to monitor compliance with the company guidelines and regulations, in order to protect the company’s intellectual property and valuable assets. Companies usually give prior notice before searching employee’s personal properties, Since Mr.Yourprop made it very obvious, that he had a motive to take down Makestuff Company, searching his vehicle is completely justifiable, based upon the reasonable suspicion that Mr.Yourprop was attempting to steal intellectual property. 2. If evidence of this theft of intellectual property can be found, Makestuff Company may seek to pursue criminal prosecution. Can Mr. Yourprop’s supervisor direct local police investigators to search his personal vehicle which is parked on the Company parking lot? Support your answer. Yes, since Mr.Yourprop’s vehicle is on the company’s premises, the supervisor has the authority to call the law enforcement officers to conduct a search and
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