Comparative Essay Compare And Contrast Lord Of The Rings

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For this comparative essay I decided to take on the task of a very famous book trilogy that came out in the 1950’s, Lord of the rings. Due to the fact that this novel is very lengthy in lore and story I will give the assumption that you are familiar with the story and world. As I watched the movies and read the books of Lord of the rings, I have noticed many things that were changed and deleted from the original story. most changes that were made ranged from small to large. Out of all of these changes I have seen one that stuck out the most and that is the personality of the hobbits and other characters. In the books the hobbits are portrayed as very level headed and very mindful, but as many people know in the movies they are very rambunctious…show more content…
this would make the story itself very different depending how you chose to learn the it, either by book or film. in the movie all of the books are intertwined into one coherent story that follows all the characters at one time. In the book trilogy each story is following its own set of characters meaning there is a lot of suspense build up since there are many characters that you don't know the whereabouts of for quite sometime. this change to the story timeline was most likely made to make the movie series more interesting as it follows all the characters at once keeping the audience's attention. Though many changes were made between the book and the movie ( even though that is expected of most movie adaptations of books) I personally enjoyed both renditions of the story. I would recommend to others that they read Lord of the rings and then watch the movie because it gives an interesting twist in the way they intertwine the stories together. all in all I found this assignment and the assessment I did very educational on the way people transfer stories to different forms of
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