Comparative Politics Is An Essential Field Within Political Science

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Comparative politics is an essential field within political science, as it is always present and always prevalent. One of the most alluring elements of comparative politics is the stark contrast one can observe between two or more nations in terms of their sociopolitical climate. Every nation has distinct political intricacies, and one particularly controversial issue that is gaining interest globally is political corruption. Corruption can manifest itself in a myriad of ways in a nation’s government regime, and widespread corruption can have significant repercussions on sustainability, the balance of power, and individual rights within a nation state. In 2015, Transparency International ranked North Korea the second most corrupt nation in the world, while Norway was ranked the sixth least corrupt. This paper will examine the staggering juxtaposition in corruption levels between the two nations based on the contrast in their respective governmental regimes and institutions. It will dissect the causes for this disparity in corruption levels, and examine how this factor has impacted both countries in an attempt to uncover the motivations and costs linked to corruption.
When corruption takes root in a nation, it can be very difficult to extinguish. Corruption has embedded itself deep within North Korea’s government, and it has become a driving force of the nation’s economy, as well as its overall identity. North Korea has, “become incredibly good at raising revenue through…
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