Comparative Study Between the Mutual Fund of Hdfc and Icici

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In a span of just over 12 years, the company has forged a position of preeminence as one of the largest Asset Management Company in the country, contributing significantly towards the growth of the Indian mutual fund industry. Its Average Assets under Management (AAUM) as on Mar 2011 Month-end in Mutual Fund Schemes stood at Rs. 73551.95 Crores. This is in addition to our Portfolio Management Services, inclusive of EPFO, and International Advisory Mandates for clients across international markets in asset classes like Debt, Equity and Real Estate with primary focus on risk adjusted returns. As an Asset Management Company, it has over 15 years of experience and are currently managing a comprehensive range of schemes of more than 46 Mutual funds and a wide range of PMS Products for our investors, spread across the country. They service this investor base with our own branch network of over 160 branches and a distribution reach of over 42,000 channel partners. Products and Schemes of ICICI mutual fund ➢ Equity funds. ➢ Fixed income funds. ➢ Balanced funds. ➢ Exchange trade funds OBJECTIVES ➢ To analysis which provides better returns from HDFC &ICICI. ➢ To know how many people are satisfied by their investment (in HDFC or ICICI). ➢ To know people behavior

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