Comparative Study Of India And India

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Nevertheless population size increased an interesting fact that comes in limelight is that India holds the maximum working population as compared to any country in the world making it one of the highest potential bearing country to economic growth and development and ruling the world. This gives rise to possibly two mainstream targets which India should focus on:

 To reap the demographic dividends from the demographic transitions ' phase it has entered into, where the fertility rate and death rate are diminishing. This can be done by tapping the potential working population and converting them into productive assets by rightful shower of opportunities.
 Second, to control the population i.e., reduce the size of dependent population (specifically children) so that the increase in national output does not get neutralize by the increase in expenditure over the non-working population. For this effective measures should be taken by government in form of stringent laws so that population stability is achieved sooner.

2.Comparative Study Of The Parameters Of China And India

The comparative study of population growth and the parameters of both India and China are shown in the chart below in order to assess the magnitude and direction of change over a long period of time. The study shows that how the rate of fall of variables is slower in India as compared to China.

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