Comparative Study on Competitiveness of Sino-US Services Trade

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1 INTRODUCTION WITH the development of China’s economic, merchandise trade has formed a competitive advantage in many industries. However, the competitiveness of China’s service trade has a weak foundation and is relatively less than that of the United States and other developed countries due to a late start. Thus, the developing pace of service trade is not the same with that of China’s national economic development in recent decades. According to the data released by the world trade organization website, the China’s service trade competitiveness index has been negative and its share has been quite small. Merchandise trade would finally be restricted if this phenomenon keeps on (Francois,2010). Therefore, it is urgent that efforts should be made to the development of China’s service trade and to improve its competitive level, which is driven by the good momentum of development of original merchandise trade. In order to study on the international competitiveness of Sino-US service trade, this article looks for the various factors affecting the bilateral competitiveness of service trade by empirical analysis. And then we look for where the trade advantages of United States’ service trade are by the usage of scientific research methods. Furthermore, we put forward the constructive countermeasures and suggestions to promote the development of China’s service. This is also the purpose and significance of this paper. 2 THE BASIC CONCEPT AND THEORY OF COMPETITIVENESS OF

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