Compare And Contrast Between Pornography And Art

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We can assume that most things can be separated into right or wrong, black or white but in truth, where are we to determine an actual line when the fields can overlap even in the slightest? In the case of the border between Pornography and Art, at a surface and mundane level, we are able to distinguish one extreme from the other immediately. In this essay I intend to analyse each point of the spectrum from art to erotic art to pornography. The research question I am going to be exploring is “What social tools are applied to images in order to categorize them as being either erotic, pornographic or merely acceptable art, and can there be a single true interpretation?
Definitions / Beginning
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The pornographic image to Scruton is “like a magic wand that turns subjects into objects, people into things—and thereby disenchants them, destroying the source of their beauty”(Indiana University Press, Peter Hare on the Philosophy of John Ducasse, 2013). Scruton adheres to the distinction between “the nude” and “the naked” made famous by Kenneth Clark, in his book Study in Ideal Form in which the model body is beautifully shaped and framed by the conventions of art. Clark asserts that the bodies of people in pornographic images are not nude, but naked. They are deprived of clothes, and as such they are exposed in an embarrassing but also arousing way, as it describes and provokes a sentiment of forbiddenness. Furthermore, while the artist’s nude retains a detached serenity, pornography arouses the viewer, which is considered an failed artwork due to arousing rather than causing the viewer to admire the beauty as its …show more content…

Important to take into account with the definitions of pornography and eroticsm, is that an extensionally adequate definition should exclude scientific-behavioral studies or medical illustrations of sexual activity, which tend to be neither erotic nor artistic in nature - showing that there are several ways to depict a sexual encounter, without the sexuality being part of the depiction.

Erotic Art, furthering this point, when defined by Peter Webb in his book The Erotic Arts is “art on a sexual theme related specifically to emotions rather than merely actions, and sexual depictions which are justifiable on aesthetic grounds”. I feel this definition is ample in explaining that there must be an underlying sexual theme shown in the art works, but that the main purpose of Art is to be about the aesthetics of the object and of the emotions of the characters instead of causing the pornographic purpose of only

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