Compare And Contrast Buddhism And Christianity

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Buddhism and Christianity are both prominent religions in our world today. There are over billions of individuals across the globe who take part in the everyday rituals and practices of these two ethical practices. However, what’s so intriguing about these religions is how incompatible they genuinely are. In Buddhism, its religious beliefs are centered around the teachings of Siddhartha Buddha. Through the works of Buddha, he was able to discover a way to put an end to the painful cycle of rebirth, death , and reincarnation. He learned that through extreme meditation and resentment from pleasures, you will be able to end your cycle of suffering by attaining Nirvana(enlightenment) But, in Christianity, it revolves around the teachings and miracles of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the anointed son of God who came down from heaven to redeem us of our sins. It was through his miraculous works that allowed us to be saved and have salvation in heaven with our heavenly father. In order to get to this spiritual kingdom, Christians believe that by following in the footsteps of Jesus, we will one day be righteously granted with the gift to live out the rest of our lives in eternal paradise with God himself. Nevertheless, although there is a considerable amount of difference between these religions, there are still numerous similarities.With the assistance of Smart’s Seven Dimensions of Religion, these similarities and difference can be vividly explained. Through the works

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