Compare And Contrast College And Indiana University

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Sixty six percent of teens after graduating high school enroll in college. One of the biggest decisions of your life will be choosing what University you want to attend. Two very good Universities students in Indiana commonly attend are the University of Southern Indiana, and Indiana University. These two schools are very good choices for students, especially students in Indiana. While some similarities are found between these two universities there are, many differences that exist between Indiana University and Southern Indiana University. The athletics for these two schools are very similar. One similarity is the number of athletic teams they offer. The University of Southern Indiana offers 10 sports.(University of Southern Indiana). While Indiana University offers 11 sports(Indiana University- Bloomington).There are more similarities after that. Both schools really excel in their basketball programs by putting up winning records almost every year. The University of Southern Indiana put up a record of 19-8 last year(University of Southern Indiana). Indiana University also has a good basketball program. They went 20-14 Last year and is ranked 15th in the top 25 teams in the nation this …show more content…

The University of Southern Indiana on average is $6,637(University of Southern Indiana). While Indiana University on average is $10,388 (Indiana University-Bloomington).Not only is the price different for these two schools but the way you will be billed is different also. The cost for USI is based on Cost per credit hour(University of Southern Indiana). At the same time the cost at IU is based on Cost is a tuition (Indiana University-Bloomington). Both of these two schools also offer financial aid to students that need help financially. Admission at these two Universities can be expensive but the better choice here is USI the average cost is $3,751 cheaper than that of

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