Compare And Contrast Grendel And Beowulf

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Comparing the book and the movie of Beowulf, you find mostly differences. The amount of similarities between them are actually very slim. Either ranging from what is said or changing scenes completely altogether, they’re both very different from each other. Having said that, the differences need to be stated and reviewed. We will begin with the first scene in which the king is being merry and Grendel attacks the hall.

In the beginning, we start off with the difference of the king being merry, showering his servant and subjects with gold and treasure. At this time as well, Wealhtheow is looking rather unhappy to be servicing the men with mead, something that changed in the movie. As for Grendel, his purpose for attacking the men in the hall goes from god-talking to merriment in general. When Grendel attacks the hall, the men are awake and go to fight him, a weapon piercing his skin which was stated it couldn’t happen in the book. During the commotion, the king steps forward, challenging Grendel to which Grendel shrieks and disappears into hell fire.

The next scene after that shows Grendel back to his cave, talking to his mother, which also wasn’t described in book. A transition shows a scene of Beowulf and men on a boat, in the rain, at night. After that scene though, the men are somehow in a dried area with no water around, being threatened at spear point conversating about who Beowulf is and why he’s here to help the king. Beowulf arrives at the hall, greeting the king

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