Grendel Vs Beowulf

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“I won’t shift afoot when I meet the cave-guard.” This quote shows the courage and bravery of a warrior during this time. In the Anglo-Saxon Beowulf and John Gardner’s Grendel, the difference in the point of views give a change to the author’s style and the narration of the two writings. The difference in literary purpose behind the two writings affects the motivation and the language.
Beowulf is about a warrior who fights a huge monster to show his loyalty to a king that was not even his. It was written in the Anglo-Saxon time period and this greatly affects the way the story is written. Grendel is written from the monster's point of view and this was written many years later.
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When Beowulf was going to fight Grendel's mother “the water was bloody, steaming and boiling in horrible pounding waves”(L. 137-138). The descriptive details allow the reader to really visualize how the water looked and it evokes an eerie feeling of what is to come. In Grendel the writing style is very formal and calm. When Grendel is dying he feels that “ [he] will fall. [he] seems to desire the fall” (Gardener 173) and the when his sight clears “ [he] [is] slick with blood. [he] discovers [he] can no longer feel pain”(Gardner 173). While both of these quotes are gruesome the way it is written evokes a sense of …show more content…

This is proven “when the wind stirs and storms, waves splash towards the sky, as dark as the air, as black as the rain that heavens weep”(L. 164-172). In Gardner’s Beowulf the sentences are in standard english making them easier to read and understand and it is written in first point of view. Grendel watches the Geats everyday and he realises that “by late afternoon the fire dies down and the column of smoke is white, no longer greasy”(Gardner 46). This helps assist that Grendel is very intelligent and that the sentences are easier to

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