Compare And Contrast Hektor In The Iliad Of Homer

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In the astounding poem The Iliad of Homer, translated by Richmond Lattimore, the poem ends with the burial of great Hektor. One can speculate that in doing so, there is an emphasis of why the character of Hektor is far more than just a brave warrior who became a casualty. Throughout the poem, readers learn in detail how each and every character is meaningful, as well as each character has an entire life that was abruptly changed by the Trojan war. Likewise, the importance and moral of the story sways into a different light as the stories carry out and when readers become immersed into the war and its hardships, especially Hektor’s. Some factors that led for the poems to end the way it did, is due to the fact Achilleus and Hektor greatly relate and contrast each other, along with the reality of fate come together to bring to light the true hero of the poem.
To begin, while analyzing Achilleus and Hektor, one can understand how the two characters contrast one another. A strong argument can be made that this is an essential reason that Homer decided to end the last book with reference to Hektor, rather than Achilleus through whom the poem began. It is important to note that the two are amazing leaders and warriors respectively. Beginning the poem with an enraged Achilleus definitely set the tone for the poem. In contrast, the poem ends with sorrow towards the noble Hektor and his death. Both are in the war for different reasons. Hektor is fighting because his brother, Paris,

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