Compare And Contrast Judaism And Christianity

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For many years, people around the world practiced different types of religions. But the dominant religion in America is Christianity and Judaism. Religions like Judaism and Christianity were very important to Christians and Jews, even though these two religions have somethings in common. They still differ from each other with the history, basic beliefs, and the influence on law and social justice. What makes these two religions similar? Judaism and Christianity are a monotheistic religion, which mean they believe in one God. They both believed in the same God and recognized one day out of the week as a holy day.
How is Christianity and Judaism history similar and different? The difference between Christianity and Judaism is that Judaism was the oldest surviving monotheistic religion. It rose in the eastern Mediterranean in the second B.C.E., Abraham was the first Jew to have made an agreement with God. Judaism believed that God revealed himself to Abraham, Moses, and the Hebrew prophet. and that the religious life was according to Scriptures and traditions. That God claimed sovereignty over the people because of his action in history, he came up with an agreement that required the people to obey his teaching or laws. Since Judaism was the first monotheistic religion, other religions like Christianity and Islam saw Abraham as their first prophet. The history of Christianity started in the first century C.E. as an offset of Judaism. Christianity religion is the faith that

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