Compare And Contrast Middle School And High School

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Middle school vs High school 1 Many people endure three years of middle school and four years of high school. It is an eventful time for children between 11 to 18 years old. During the adolescent years there are hormonal changes, environmental changes and emotional developmental gains. Middle school is the beginning of transitioning towards independence under the constant eye of adults. During high school they are challenged with real-world challenges that help them transition into adulthood. The behaviors of these individuals change as the factors change around them. For every person, the experience of high school or middle school may be different. Either way, both have the same goal of wanting the student to succeed and evolve. Even so, the similarities and differences vary. Middle school and high school are alike in the areas of receiving an education, socializing with others, and having teachers while different in areas of maturity, difficulty in work, and independence. 2 Middle school and high school are alike in the aspect that individuals are receiving an education. Both groups go to learn many different subjects that vary depending on the student. Either way it is to ensure that each student is gaining an education for future endeavors. Both groups have many teachers that they encounter each day. That is a prime characteristic of school which truly makes a school function. The teachers teach, grade, and guide the students to help them create a firm understanding.

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