Compare And Contrast Republican And Democrats

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Republican vs Democrats For years Republicans and Democrats have fought for positions of power from the Presidency to State and House seats, they control much of what we do and how we go about doing it but each have their own views. With a split Political System many Americans don’t know who to side with; the parties should be working together but instead have wildly different opinions and continue to fight. From Military Spending to Abortion and Gay Marriage they disagree on much which contributes to why little gets done. Republican and Democrat views are usually opposites like the Military budget, Immigration and healthcare. Healthcare continues as dominant issue of the Governing Parties right now and always should be, as Republicans try to repeal Obama Care which would cost thousands coverage the Democrats fight to improve it. While the right would prefer Healthcare to be privatized and companies to charge …show more content…

The Republicans hold the house majority with 240 seats, beating the Democrats who only have 194 seats as of 7/11/17 (Press Gallery). The 2016 Presidential election was very heated and quite a strange running, the Internet played a large role in this with candidates trying to appeal to the younger generation by attempting to create themselves into memes and Mainstream Media. The Republicans won the Election and Donald Trump was sworn in as President; Candidates consisted of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side and Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush on the Republican side. There isn’t just the Republican and Democratic Parties they are only the dominant ones so they have had many more Presidents than any other third parties such as the Whigs or Libertarians, the Republicans have had more Presidencies than the Democrats with 19 to

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