Compare And Contrast Republican And Republican Party

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“The Republican Party was founded in 1854 by a group of renegade Democrats, Whigs, and political independents who opposed the expansion of Slavery into new U.S. territories and states. What began as a single-issue, independent party became a major political force in the United States. Six years after the new party was formed, Republican nominee Abraham Lincoln won the U.S. presidential election. The Republican Party and its counterpart, the Democratic Party, became the mainstays of the nation's de facto two-party system.” As stated in the free dictionary’s definition of the republican party. The Republican and Democrat parties are opposites on almost every decision they come to. The Republican party is more small government whereas the Democratic party is pro big government.
“The modern Democratic Party is the descendant of the Democratic-Republican Party, an early-nineteenth-century political organization led by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Also known as the Jeffersonian Republican Party, the Democratic-Republican Party began as an antifederalist group, opposed to strong, centralized government. The party was officially established at a national nominating convention in 1832. It dropped the Republican portion of its name in 1840.” As stated in the free dictionary’s definition of the democratic party. The Democrat and Republican parties have differences as well as similarities such as their views on government decisions.

The core beliefs of the

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