Compare And Contrast The Titans Curse And The Battle Of The Labyrinth

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Journal 3 In the books, The Titan’s Curse and The Battle Of The Labyrinth, personalities of various characters have been exposed to the reader. In the book The Titan’s Curse, some of the characters were forced to make indelible decisions because if they make the wrong choice, they will have to live with it forever. At the end of this book, Percy took a path on which he basically had the world on his shoulders. He saw the Goddess of the hunters carrying the sky on her shoulders, and Percy had to take the burden from her so she could fight the God of war. Percy described it saying it felt like his bones were going to be shattered any second. Many of the characters true colors were showed in that battle. So far in the book, The Battle Of The Labyrinth, Grover was hit by a brick wall because he lost the trail on Pan. Grover’s entire family has been searching for this mysterious person named Pan for centuries. Many have died searching and Grover is not going to give up. He had just lost Pan’s trail and was devastated. Then, to make matters worse, the council told him that he has a week to find Pan or his searcher license will be taken away. He had no confidence at all because he knew it was virtually impossible to find Pan in a week. Grover had his hopes down until Annabeth asked him to join her in an expedition down in to Labyrinth to try and stop Luke’s army from storming their camp. The Labyrinth may have answers that Grover is looking for and this brought his confidence

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