Compare And Contrast Vans And Havaianas

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“In a sense, perhaps the most important sense, a brand is a promise. You know what you’re going to get with a well-branded product.” Geller explains. Even in footwear nowadays, when associating ourselves into particular social and cultural facets of life, we tend to gravitate to particular brands. In this report, I intend to comparitively analyze the two shoe brands; Vans and Havaianas. These two brands started up as classic, practical footwear, but have gradually grown into multi-million companies with great reputations in society. On account of this, I will be conducting research and comparing the two companies based on the model consumer behaviour.

Firstly, we will look at external factors; such as product and promotion, in marketing. For all intensive purposes, I will focus on both the male and female demographic.
Vans footwear, is affiliated with a adventurous spirit and youthful assertiveness. Vans is an ‘outdoor, extreme sports brand’, Chris Parks expresses. They are reliable shoes and sneakers that provide exceptional flexibiltiy, anchorage and ankle reinforement. Vans footwear almost immediately became a staple for skateboaders. (Saharudin, 2016). Regarding promotion, Vans continues …show more content…

They are an authentic and original footwear brand which are “a comfortable product, resistant, functional, practical and ecstetically pretty’ explains Enrico Campa. He goes on to state that the Havaiana is “simple, useful, cheap, for different occasions, never goes out of style.”. they are also extremely creative, with a vast spectrum of designs (Campa, 2011). Where their promotional values differ from that of Vans, is in their disbelief in mass media and promotional advertising (Campa, 2011). They are of high level of quality, and prices rarely change to uphold this. Celebrity endorsements are a huge marketing tool they use to successfully uphold their

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