human relations

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Introduction and motivational theories It is said that there is no such thing as failure, instead we have results. This was the idea that gave rise to the start of a company and later shooting of this video, in the outskirts of Addis Ababa in Africa. The video is about a shoe company called oliberte, which prides itself as the first company to be offered a fair trade certification. The founder, Mr. Tal Dehtiar has appreciated and employed great motivation methods in the growth of his company in a challenging environment (Oliberte, 2011). Motivation’s purpose is to initiate, guide and maintain goal oriented behaviors on the person that it is applied to. It can be driven by biological, social, emotional or cognitive forces. People are…show more content…
With this the natives embrace it and it pride themselves in developing products that compete in the world market. Dream The director of the company, talks of his immense sense of pride of the company’s products being able to compete in the global market. He emphasizes that the growth of the company contributes to the growth of his country’s GDP. His desire to see the company grow is inter related to his dream about what might be of his country in terms of revenue and growth. His talk and view is based on the reality of the past and presents the self actualization discovery that has downed on the company. The founder Mr. Tal Dehtiar asks the world to open up their doors and given the company a chance to prove its quality and uniquely handmade shoes. He dreams of a company that is able to compete in all the markets by offering more options to the customer, for example the unique African safari boot. The nice working environment seen with employees that look proud of their work; ability to work efficiently and without strain through the help of machinery, develops a dream company to work for or with for any of the people out there. It represents the ideal future (Cooperrider, Whitney, & Stavros, 2008). Design phase This phase the video speaks of the need to expand more into emerging markets and by doing so develop it to rise to the dreams envisioned by its stakeholders. The management developed processes in trying to achieve this and one of them is marketing and
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